• Issue and accompanying L.I.

• Advice to "EX" tariff

• Analysis and advice on Customs Valuation (DVA)

• Draw-back, Laia, Automotive Regime, Temporary Admission

• Bonded Warehouse

• Tax classification

• Phytosanitary inspections, IBAMA, Ministry of Health, Agriculture

• Document analysis - invoice, B. L., hbl packing list

• Making the Import Declaration

• AFRMM payments, Ocean Freight, Storage

• Cargo Inspection check faults and malfunctions

• Physics Conference

• Charging Programming and / or monitoring


• Follow-up loading;

• Square Reserve and Shipment Tracking;

• Issue and Legalization of Documents:

• Invoice

• B / L

• Analysis certificate

• Certificate of Origin

• Packing List

• Inspection Certificate

• Insurance Certificate

• Phytosanitary Certificate

• RE and SD Issue;

• Forecasting, shipping notification;

• Cargo Consolidation and load Stuffing;

• Pre-Shipment Inspections


Both in import and in export, we have differentiated and specific tariffs with the Bonded Terminals of the Port of Santos due to the volume traded, transferring these benefits to our customers.


For shipments of national and international documents from Santos, we also offer special rates we develop with DHL, offering the highest number of destinations among the competition.


Phoenix as Agent NVOCC and Freight Forwarder, developed excellent partnerships with Shipowners and Agents Consolidators on five continents, seeking punctuality, speed and confidence in the handling of loads of our customers.
With weekly departures, we work together with its legal representative, advising and keeping follow-up from the origin to the final destination.


The function of the Customs Broker is the completion of formalities required for the customs clearance of goods imported or exported, the customs areas.
It is extremely professional judgment, our Customs Brokers work in the documental analysis, seeking the best tax classifications facilitating the process of nationalization of the goods of our customers.

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